Moving away from the coast, in addition to the sea and the beach Cattolica, offers a wonderful hinterland with green hills and promontories, picturesque villages, ancient fortresses and medieval castles that offer beautiful views, to explore by car, motorcycle or bicycle. Cattolica’s surroundings are an authentic treasure to explore, with artistic and natural beauty and food and wine routes through vineyards and olive groves. For those who want to discover and experience something else, the stay at our hotel is also an opportunity to go shopping in the streets, experience the nightlife in cocktail bars, visit the nearby tourist resorts, amusement parks, attend concerts, summer festivals, events and sports events, which will fascinate you with a full of emotions. We will be happy to recommend you the most beautiful places!

  • The Regional Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo

    The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo marks the beginning of the hills on the sea, after the tourist beaches of the […]

  • Misano World Circuit

    Misano World Circuit M.Simoncelli is a motorcycle circuit, a container of events and sporting events of international profile, in a land, Romagna, […]

  • Gradara

    Gradara is one of the most beautiful and romantic medieval villages best preserved in Italy. Dominating the village is the Gradara’s Castle, […]

  • La Rocca di Montefiore

    In Montefiore, the medieval capital of the Conca Valley, stands the Rocca di Montefiore built by the Malatesta, a beautiful fortress, with […]

  • Fiera di Rimini

    Fiera di Rimini is the exhibition center of the city of Rimini and is one of the largest exhibition districts in Italy […]

  • San Marino

    San Marino is one of the oldest republics in the world. The capital is located on Mount Titano and is famous for […]

  • Urbino

    The capital of spirit, art and poetry, Urbino, is also called the Pearl of the Renaissance and is the birthplace of Raffaello […]

  • San Leo

    San Leo is a small medieval village that rises on top of a rocky spur, almost 600 meters. above sea level, overlooking […]

  • Ravenna

    Ravenna, located in the heart of Romagna, is recognized for its artistic beauty. It is the city with 8 sacred monuments datable […]

  • Grotte di Frasassi

    Frasassi Caves are underground karst caves, a maze of environments that follow each other for over 13 km. Inside you can admire […]